Morocco 2001 - A Universal Tribal Gathering Location: Lake El Mansour Eddahbi Atlas mountainsAkashic Productions Τhe epic New Year's Global Tribal Gathering:

Τhe epic New Year’s Global Tribal Gathering: “Morocco 2001, A Universal Tribal Gathering”.
The festival took place on a small island on a desert lake near Ouarzazate and lasted for 4 days and nights to celebrate the new century. This event was the first trance festival where a fusion between traditional acoustic trance and electronic trance was attempted. Most of the major trance maalems, live acts and Djs played in this magnificent location where more than 5000 people have danced with the greatest smiles…conceived and organized by Amine (ALT).

Atmos (Spiral Trax, Sweden)
Element (Liquid Audio Soundz, D)
Etnica (Spirit Zone, Italy)
Hux Flux (Sweden)
Infected Mushroom (B.N.E, Israel)
Medicine Drum (Return to the Source, UK)
Star Sounds Orchestra (Spirit Zone, D)
3.Turn (Hadshot, France)
Toires (Totally Eclipsed, France)
Total Eclipse (Blue Room, France)
X-Dream (Blue Room, Germany)

AC 666(ZipTown Rekkids, USA)
Acan (Chactun/Suntribe, Austria)
Andy Shakty (Etnix, Rome)
Angeles (ChileTrance, Chi)
Argonautes (Psyberpunkadelic, Swiss)
Live: BreiTraum (F.D.S/Jum Jam Rec’s, Ger)
Essence (Asrama, Greece)
Hilight Tribe (Kosmik Hoboes, Ibiza)
Ingo Alias (In Digo, Germany)
Isam (Symbio, Morocco)
Itay (Israel)
DJ Las Hark (DreamLab, Portugal)
Lionel Vinyl (UK)
Jeff Mylar (Ascension, Japan)
Nick (Traceculture, UK)
DJ Pena (Flow Records, Portugal)
DJ Reflexe (TEA, Morocco)
Unity Dub (Dionysus, UK)
Violeta Flox (Portugal)
Vanja (Tranforma, Macedonia)

Antaro Ahrens (Spirit Zone, Germany)
James Monroe (Flying Rhino, UK)
Mark Allen (Matsuri Productions, UK)
Anti (Spiral Trax, Sweden)
Adam O’Hana (Eyephunk, USA)
Paul Taylor (Tip World, UK)
Raja Ram (Tip World, UK)
Max Lafranconi (Spirit Zone, Italy)
Brian (Moontribe, USA)
Treavor (Moontribe, USA)
Amit (B.N.E, Israel)
I-Zen (B.N.E, Israel)
Oforia (Dragonfly, Israel)
India Drop (Tsunami/PurpleOz, US/Israel)
Kavandi (Sixth Sense, USA)
Syd Gilmour (Sixth Sense, USA)
Wyse (Interspace Sound, USA)
Quadra (Hadshot, Israel)

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Film by Patrick Palucki & Sebation Rost ( thx Basti for the permission to upload it & to Wolfgang for asking)

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Special Thanks to Medicine Drum, Element, Atmos, Stars Sounds Orchestra, X-Dream, Total Eclipse for the soundtrack.