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Eye of the Summer

Eye Of The Summer Eye of the Summer – you know the melody but the main part is missing – electro music – just a test =)Free Download:

Guitar 140 bpm

Guitar 140 bpm #Psytrancewith Guitar made with fast tracker 2001Full track here:————Filename: GuitarLast Changed at: 21.06.2001, 03:56Reason: Video&Audio Tools Check

Morocco 2001 Video

Morocco 2001 – A Universal Tribal Gathering Morocco 2001 – A Universal Tribal GatheringLocation: Lake El Mansour Eddahbi, Atlas mountainsAkashic Productions Τhe epic New Year’s Global Tribal Gathering: “Morocco 2001, A Universal Tribal Gathering”.The festival took place on a small island on a desert lake near Ouarzazate and lasted for 4 days and nights to […]

no ban no wall #RESIST

no ban no wall #RESIST NO BAN NO WALL Remember: Religion or origin does not put anyone under general suspicions! #RESIST In thought: to all who just can not visit a person and do not know if they ever see her again Be human for humanity! You think you can nothing do! That is not […]

Final Call

Final Call Experimental Slow Flow Beat with Vocals 122 BPM – softfly away with friends and family! used the vocals from: Airmow & Rubika – Final Call • Follow RUBIKA: • Follow Airmow:… —— Thanks and a Big Kiss to my Love Tina for waiting for me while i […]